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From our Headquarters at Orlando, Florida

Since 1989, American Billing Service has provided superior billing and claims management for hundreds of physicians nationwide.

Please click on the reference letters from our physician clients, both large and small, both local and national, who have come to rely on our diligence, our stability, our experience, and our 25-year reputation for excellence.

Demonstrated Expertise in Maximizing Revenue...

Every billing service will claim to have the inside track on maximizing revenues. But can they demonstrate they possess the expertise and personnel to do it?  Can they show you dozens of actual client collection reports reflecting collection clearance rates of 99.5% to 100%?  It takes commitment, skill, systems, and resources to consistently produce results of that caliber, and few billing services can deliver it. Yes, we have developed our own proprietary software that automates much of this process, and it isn’t available to our competitors!

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Speaking of Software Systems…

You can continue to use your current software if it meets your needs, or we can help you choose an Electronic Medical Records system that works and suits your style of practice. You also have the option to use our state-of-the-art software to manage your work flow, schedule appointments online, access patient information quickly, transfer data efficiently, and securely access your financial records – at any time and from any place on the planet with an Internet connection.

However, regardless of our sophisticated software, we know that computers alone do not collect money. Only trained, motivated people can really maximimze collections.

Our Focus is on Proactive Service...

When your patient has a problem, either with insurance, a bill, or the ability to pay the bill in a timely fashion, our total focus becomes how to help that patient solve that problem. We are patient problem solvers first, and everything else falls into place. Courtesy, efficiency, understanding, and consistency are the hallmarks of our patient service program.

When CMS or any rule-making body produces new reimbursement rules, schemes, or penalties (such as the new 2014 Client PQRS Measures), we alert and educate our physicians and provide a ready source of professional support to make sure they meet the challenge and suffer no loss of either time or income.

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HIPAA & OIG Compliance, Longevity, and Stability...

We are fully compliant with all HIPAA and OIG standards. We rate within the highest category for the Dun & Bradstreet "Predictor Score." Our average employee has been employed by us for more than 12 years, and we never out-source our labor to foreign countries.

We would like to earn your business. Our service plans can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs, without hidden costs, startup fees, long term contracts, or fine print. We promise to deliver your money’s worth.

Ask us for a proposal today! Call: (407) 657– 8221.